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Sixth Form

Curriculum Offer and Application

The A Level programme provides subjects across the arts, sciences and humanities. Our outstanding sports facilities, including a 3G all-weather pitch, will ensure our sports students have everything they need to excel in their field.


Applicants for the sixth form will not open until 2027, however Maritime Academy will adopt a process similar to other schools who offer a sixth form education.

Aspiration is emphasised at Maritime Academy, with Sixth Form students planning to be offered guidance from both industry professionals and university representatives, to assist them in choosing the right path for them.  Academic and employability skills will be equally emphasised to ensure all our students are ready for their next challenges. Students will take part in gaining work experience by attending companies relevant to their chosen career paths with support through our dedicated Sixth Form suite.  We aim to produce well-rounded and responsible individuals, and sixth form programme will be no different; our plan to offer charity and fundraising events will ensure all students acquire a deep sense of social responsibility.



The Academy aims to provide a high standard of education through which all students can achieve their full potential.

We will aim to help students:

  • Acquire a love of learning through the development of knowledge and skills, and the achievement of qualifications and personal goals;
  • Develop their confidence, independence and a positive, “Can do” attitude;
  • Develop their creativity, imagination and pride in their work;
  • Demonstrate their personal responsibility and the importance of human relationships through understanding, tolerance and respect;
  • Work in a friendly, caring and supportive environment;
  • Experience a range of opportunities to support their learning and personal development;
  • Seek appropriate support and guidance;
  • Foster and strengthen links between the Academy, home and the community;
  • Establish and maintain links with the world of work, learning providers and higher education establishments.



Expectation of Students

Members of the Sixth Form will work in an adult environment and many of the structures and protocols in place emulate those in the workplace or in higher education.

Sixth Form students will be expected to:

  • Be proactive, and use their initiative, in all day-to-day routines including time-keeping and time-management.
  • Present themselves in a professional manner by following the Academy’s Sixth Form Dress Code and being organised.
  • Conduct themselves in a manner befitting their age, and their status as senior members of the Academy’s community, both inside and outside the building and its environs.
  • Attend everyday, and be punctual to all lessons, meetings, etc. (expectations of attendance and punctuality are very high indeed, and will match expectations in the workplace.)
  • Work hard and ensure they meet all deadlines for their subjects.
  • Participate fully in all the support and enrichment opportunities available to them.

As a young adult, Sixth Form students will be expected to demonstrate maturity at all times.  They will also be expected to take on additional responsibilities, particularly in terms of developing strengths in self-discipline, self-reliance and independence. They will also have the responsibility of being a role model for younger students at the Academy.