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Home Learning

Home Learning

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Year 7 home Learning at Maritime Academy is simple, powerful, and meaningful. Every day, every student completes three elements of home learning. These will take approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete.

Home learning at Maritime supports all students in developing core skills in Maths and English while also learning the key components of knowledge from their academic curriculum.

Home learning encourages self-development and self-discipline. Students who complete regular homework don’t just perform better at school and during exams, they learn broader life skills and associate hard work with long term rewards.

Research has found that students who completed home learning had better report cards and test results than those who didn’t. Researchers have also found that the completion of home learning at secondary level can add on an additional 5 months progress onto a child’s learning.

There will be Home learning club opportunities for students who wish to utilise their time in school to complete some of their Home learning.

Home learning is important; therefore, should a student fail to complete their home learning, they will be subject to sanctions in line with our behaviour policy.