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The School Day

The School Day


The Maritime site is open to students from 7.45am every day. The formal school day runs from 8.20am until 3.50pm Monday to Thursday and 8.20am to 2:00pm on Friday.

At the Maritime Academy we believe in the potential of all children to achieve. All students are given access to enrichment activities as part of the school day.

Your preferences have prevented this content from being loaded. If you have recently changed your preferences, please try reloading the pageSome students will be directed to attend sessions if this is intended to develop their learning in the basics of Maths, Reading and Writing or Science through additional support.

Enrichment opportunities we will provide include:

  • Debate club
  • Chess
  • Choir
  • Computing
  • Various sports throughout the week
  • File club
  • Homework club
  • Book club

The Timetable

We operate a two-week timetable –Week A and Week B.

Students will study a range of subjects over the two-week timetable to ensure that we offer a broad curriculum. An example of a Week A timetable can be found below.