The Fleet

Proud to be in Medway

As part of our commitment to establishing a school that celebrates Medway’s rich naval heritage, our Houses are named after famous ships that were built in Frindsbury, close to where our school is located.

Frindsbury was a centre of ship building before 1820, building at least six 74-gun third rate, ships of the line and many smaller vessels. From 1820, until recent times, the ship yards built over 100 Thames sailing barges. Shipbuilding has stopped but in 2006, one yard was still active in ship repair.

Students at Maritime Academy are divided into six Fleets named after historic ships. These Fleets provide opportunities for students to compete in Fleet competitions throughout the year. Students can earn points for their Fleet, and the winning Fleet is rewarded each term.

Each form within the Academy will hold the name of one of these prestigious ships. Students will be presented with a pin badge to wear on the left lapel of their blazer to showcase their Fleet with pride.  

The forms will be united as a Fleet, building strong relationships and camaraderie with their peers and form tutor. There will be many opportunities for Fleet competitions and, as the school grows, to work with students from the same Fleet within different year groups to learn from each other united as team to showcase 'Excellence as a Habit'. 

Students are gifted a Fleet badge when the start at the Academy to wear on the left lapel of their blazer. One of our core values is 'Unity', by wearing their badge they demonstrate that they are proud to belong to their Fleet. 

Our Fleet