One:One Devices

One:One is an investment in the future of education

From day one of Year 7, students at the Maritime Academy will all receive a One:One device so that they can benefit from a curriculum that has been developed with digital learning at its core.  

Learning with One:One devices is about investing in the right equipment, using modern learning techniques, offering a blended approach, teaching vital skills and trusting students to work and learn as adults.  

As a Thinking School, we are proud of our cognitive education and we put an understanding of how the brain learns at the heart of all that we do. We know that the brain, and in particular memory, can make mistakes; our One:One device will reinforce your child’s ability to develop their memory. 

5 'Sails' of Learning

At Maritime Academy, we are part of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust where our mission is to 'Transform Life Chances'. We believe that learning doesn’t just happen within the classroom: it transcends the uniform and the textbook and stays with students long after they leave school.

We believe One:One devices in our lessons will give students access to the latest technology to support their learning, in preparation for the next steps in their lives after education and promote our ethos of academic excellence.

Technology is an influential part of young peoples lives and we want to support students to become digitally literate and support their development to become good digital citizens. The Maritime Academy will use One:One devices to assist with our Maritime 5 'Waves' of Learning so each classroom has a consistent approach to enable academic excellence to flourish.

Investing the time both in school and at home into the correct use of these devices is about future-proofing your child for careers that may not even exist yet, it is ensuring that they leave secondary education with the right level of digital skills, and it is preparing and empowering them with the tools, and the knowledge, to meet the modern needs of further education and employers. 

We know, without a doubt, that One:One devices will have a transformative effect on your child’s personal and academic success.  

Supporting Excellence in Academic Performance

Our One:One digital 5 'Sails’ of learning strategy supports students by:

  • Reducing cognitive load
  • Developing good digital citizens
  • Supporting retrieval via the use of Apps and new technologies
  • Scaffolding learning for students with SEND
  • Improving leadership opportunities

All our One:One devices are state-of-the-art, come pre-installed with the Microsoft Office suite and internet security, and are updated regularly to keep your child safe online. Your child’s device will be a learning resource they can call their own. They will use their device to learn, to store information and refer back when revising, as well as to develop an understanding of digital platforms and how we use them to develop and grow.