Sustainable Learning

Learning for now and the future

The school will be developed to deliver a carbon neutral build and we believe that we have a responsibility to continue this work to secure the school’s long term environmental sustainability aims.

Many young people hold strong concerns about climate change and the challenges that this might present for future generations. At Maritime Academy we want to ensure that as a community, we work together to be responsible and respectful for where we live and learn. We aim to make sustainability a part of everyday school life; from incorporating topics throughout our curriculum, to reducing the use of single use plastics, active recycling and encouraging greener ways to travel to school.

Across the first year, students will be encouraged to get involved with the schools sustainability planning as we launch our student Eco Committee.

The Maritime Academy will be:

  • Monitoring targets for energy, water and waste reduction
  • Investing in transportation initiatives for students and staff
  • Reviewing and expanding sustainability learning material within the curriculum
  • Encouraging houses and individuals to promote their own sustainability activities
  • Making informed business decisions with a focus on environmental and social considerations
  • Working to reduce our carbon emissions


Maritime Water Bottles

As an Academy that is committed to sustainability, we have worked with an organisation called Moon to purchase  bespoke Maritime water bottles. The bottles are Maritime blue and they have our distinctive logo embossed into the design. We are really pleased to be able to offer these water bottles to every student on their first day at the Academy free of charge. The students will be expected to write their name on the bottom of the bottle and to look after it during their time at the Academy.

As a sustainable school, single use plastics are not permitted in the Academy, this includes plastic water bottles, cartons, cans and other drink containers. Only the Academy issued water bottle is permitted at the Academy and it must contain water only. Students will use their water bottles at both break and lunchtime and will have the opportunity to refill their water bottle during the school day.

On the rare occasion a student misplaces their water bottle, a new bottle must be purchased from the school shop through the My Child at School App.

On average we purchase 200 Maritime water bottles each year for our children and staff. Moon have teamed up with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 5 trees for every Moon Bottle – that is 1000 extra trees planted from Maritime’s purchase alone. They also donate 10% of their annual profits to restore healthy forests and help communities in poverty.