Curriculum Intent

High Expectations for High Achievers - 'Making Excellence a Habit'

Thinking Schools Academy Trust Curriculum Intent:

At Thinking Schools Academy Trust our mission is to 'Transform Life Chances'. 

Every young person in our community deserves to have the best opportunities at life regardless of their individual circumstances. 

Education is the key to transforming life chances and we support and develop every member of our community to: 

  • Think about their Thinking
  • Be their best self 
  • Shape their success 

In this way, Thinking Schools Academy Trust 'Transforms Life Chances'. 

Maritime Academy's Curriculum Intent:

Maritime Academy is proud to be part of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust (TSAT). As part of our Trust we deliver a fantastic education that embodies the values of TSAT to 'Make Excellence a Habit' and to truly 'Transform the Life Chances' of our students. Within our Academy we will promote the values of strength, pride and unity, which are at the heart of everything we do. We want our students to leave Maritime Academy prepared for adulthood with these values instilled within them. 


Through our curriculum, Students will: 

  • strive for excellence in academic performance by working hard to be the best member of our school community enabling them to achieve the best possible outcomes.   

  • have clear aspirations that are ambitious so they are ready for the next stage of their education, employment or training and have the knowledge and skills required to reach these destinations.  

  • develop effective habits of learning and personal conduct to establish a calm and purposeful community where all students play a highly positive role in creating an environment that demonstrates strength, pride and unity.  

  • become excellent digital citizens through the use of their One:One device allowing them to prepare for future employment, scaffold learning, retrieve knowledge and skills and reduce cognitive load.  

  • think about their own thinking by organising, monitoring and assessing their own understanding and performance and have an awareness of how to develop themselves as effective learners. 

  • experience a wide range of cultural events that increase their awareness and understanding of the diverse and inclusive society around them.  

  • become critical thinkers and lifelong learners, brimming with self-confidence and an excellent array of skills to ensure they are respectful and responsible young people who are able to face the challenges of modern society.  

Maritime 5 'Waves' of Learning

In every lesson, teachers consistently apply our ‘7 Principles’ and ‘Thinking School’ approach, as modelled in our 5 ‘Waves’ of learning, so pupils are supported to think for themselves, through the development of a thorough understanding of purposeful thinking tools that they can use to aid and monitor their own progress.

Teachers are responsible for the effective planning (short, mid, long term), delivery of lessons that are relevant, challenging and engaging to the cohorts they teach.