Curriculum Intent

Our aim is to develop Maritime Students' scientific thinking by becoming responsible citizens that consider not only their health and lifelong journeys, but as global citizens that will influence those that they interact with in regard to the environmental impact on the planet. 

Working with real scientists and contributing to their data in real world-wide scientific investigation, with these tangible career links that can be provided to create The Why – Why Science is so valuable, why science links to everything that we do, why we should engage in science and why our planet relies on our future generations, preparing them with a skill set that embraces not only confidence in their very success as individuals but their care and respect for Global Planet Issues. 

KS3 Science Curriculum Overview

Higher Education 


Maritime Academy Values in Science

Useful Weblinks 




Student digital text book, that can be accessed in school and at home to support their homework and revision. Following the Science curriculum with AQA.

Collins Connect 

AQA ks3 curriculum syllabus to view what students are learning.

AQA | Science | KS3 | KS3 Science Syllabus


Retrieval practical for the use of study packs to support students recall of prior knowledge.

Carousel | Teach smarter, learn better (


Free Homework & Revision for A Level, GCSE, KS3 & KS2 (

Revision website following the national curriculum in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

KS3 Science - BBC Bitesize


Further Reading



The Science Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

Book by DK

Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words

by Randall Munroe

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

by Rachel Ignotofsky

Interesting Facts For Curious Minds: 1572 Random But Mind-Blowing Facts About History, Science, Pop Culture And Everything In Between


by Jordan Moore

Seventeen Equations that Changed the World

by Ian Stewart