Religious Education

Curriculum Intent

At Maritime Academy, we follow the guidance from Medway in relation to the Religious Education curriculum structure and content. Pupils must learn about at least four different principle religions. These must include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism as well as a non-religious worldview. So, over a period of 18 terms over Years 7 to 9 it means that:

  • At least 6 terms and around 40% of the time is allocated to Christianity.
  • At least 2 terms is allocated to each of the other named religions of Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • The core requirement amounts to 70% of the curriculum time is allocated to the study of different religions.

We are proud of our Religious Education curriculum and how we encourage Unity within the Academy of students and staff from different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs to have a diverse culture which is celebrated in our community.

KS3 R.E Curriculum Overview

Higher Education


Maritime Academy Values in Religious Education

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