Thinking School Accreditation

November 13, 2023 03:58pm

Maritime Academy is awarded prestigious Thinking School Accreditation.

Maritime Academy has been awarded Thinking School accreditation by the University of Exeter, joining 14 other schools across the Thinking Schools Academy Trust to gain a level of Thinking School status.

As part of the Trust, Maritime has a unique and effective approach to learning and education. The Academy provides students with the skillset and tools needed to think in a variety of ways and become lifelong learners. These transferrable ‘Thinking Tools’ prepare students for a range of situations that they may face as part of modern society.

Thinking Schools at Exeter leads the way in research in Metacognition, Thinking Skills, Creativity and Dialogue in Education, providing a structure for schools to become recognised Thinking Schools. Maritime Academy has worked hard to weave this framework into everyday life at the school, and this was recognised throughout the school’s assessment and subsequent accreditation.

The University of Exeter said in their report, “Maritime Academy is a truly aspirational educational community dedicated to the promotion of lifelong learning. It has carefully developed and nurtured its core values so that they permeate throughout the entire school and beyond.”

Maritime Academy started its Thinking School journey from the moment the school opened its doors, “drawing upon years of Thinking School development across the Trust, leading to a seamless transition as the school has become established”. The report acknowledges that The integration with the Trust is exceptional such that it stands as a beacon of educational community provision. Staff and children think deeply about what they do, and levels of collaboration are exceptional.


Assistant Principal Jimmy Carr, commented on the process, saying I am very proud of the journey we have been on here at Maritime Academy. From day one, our vision was to implement thinking and metacognition into the classrooms and community to develop independent, reflective lifelong learners. The staff have been fantastic in embracing our thinking processes and tools to be child first in our approaches."


It was recognised that the school’s leadership team are fully committed to the implementation of the cognitive development agenda, supported by the Thinking Schools Lead, the Drive Team and the Student Thinking Drive Team. The report comments This has cascaded to leadership throughout the school and the strong senior leadership structure stands as a model of excellent practice. The collaborative and integrated leadership model provides exemplary support”. When reading the report, the dedication to developing and embedding cognitive education in the everyday life of the school is clear. “Teaching and learning at MA has moved from being an educational process to being an exemplary pedagogical culture such that the school stands as a wonderful example of how a whole-Trust educational philosophy can be contextually applied for the holistic educational growth of every child.”

Matt Evans, Maritime Academy’s Head of School, said: “We could not be prouder to be accredited as a Thinking School. Thinking is at the heart of everything we do here at Maritime Academy and it enables us to provide a rich and balanced curriculum for our young people. Thank you to everyone involved in this process for your support.”

Jody Murphy, Director of Standards and Educational Delivery at Thinking Schools Academy Trust, said: “I want to congratulate our school community for all of the efforts they have put into helping Maritime Academy become a Thinking School within just one year of opening. We have a team of staff rich in the knowledge of Thinking Tools and cognitive pedagogy, who have worked hard to embed Thinking School strategies into the DNA of our school.

I am proud of the exceptional work both staff and students do to develop their learning and embrace the Thinking School practice. Well done.”

The Academy now looks forward to working towards the Advanced Thinking School accreditation.