Curriculum Intent

The History curriculum provides students with an opportunity to engage with past societies both within the British Isles as well as globally.  Therefore, allowing students to integrate and interweave the wide ranges of historical voices and narratives as well as give students the skills to analyse and evaluate in an academic format.

Students will be encouraged to enhance critical skills and an analytical frame of mind as students develop ‘second-order thinking’ such as causation, historical change, source analysis, historical significance and interpretations. Having studied history, students will come away with a deeper understanding of how past events have formed the world around them. Cultivating a sense of respect and pride for themselves and an understanding of cultural differences.

KS3 History Curriculum Overview

Higher Education


Useful Weblinks 



Oak Academy

Subject: History | Teacher Hub | Oak National Academy (thenational.academy)

Historical Association

Student / Historical Association (history.org.uk)



Seneca Learning

Seneca | GCSE History Revision (senecalearning.com)


Carousel Learning


History BBC Bitesize

GCSE History - BBC Bitesize


Further Reading



The Feudal Kingdom of England 1042-1216 by Frank Barlow


The Battle of Hastings by M.K. Lawson


Black and British: A short, essential history by David Olusoga


Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian


Greta's Story: The Schoolgirl Who Went On Strike To Save The Planet by Valentina Camerini