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School Offer & Build FAQs

School Offer & Build FAQs

School Offer


I have been offered a place at both the Maritime Academy and another school – what do I need to do now?

As this was the Maritime Academy’s first year, parents were unable to list the Maritime as their first choice and parents were encouraged to apply for another school. You must now decide which school place you are going to accept and which school place you are going to refuse, this needs to be completed by the 30th March at the very latest.


Do I have to accept or refuse a place?

It is important that you formally accept or refuse the school place offered to you as soon as possible. Any places that are refused are offered to other families who wanted to attend that school, but were not initially offered a place. This is called reallocation. Please follow the guidance given to you in your offer email/letter.


Can I accept both offers if I haven’t made up my mind?

You will need to accept one place and refuse the other. This means that the space that is available at another school will be offered to another family once your refused spaces becomes available. You are not able to accept both places. If you refuse a space and then change your mind, you will need to contact Medway Admissions team and ask to be placed on a waiting list.


How do I accept or refuse the offer?

Please complete the acceptance form and email it to We will formally acknowledge your acceptance and inform the local authority of your acceptance.


What happens once I have accepted the offer?

Once you have accepted a place at Maritime Academy, we will formally write to you and provide information on initial next steps. We will of course write to all parents regularly to keep you informed of the on-going building work and arrangements for induction to our new school.


I want my child to attend the Maritime, but I did not receive an offer – what do I do now?

Medway Council have applied our oversubscription criteria to determine the places offered to families. If you haven’t been offered a place it is because other applications ranked higher against the oversubscription criteria.


Can I appeal the decision or go onto a waiting a list?

If you have applied for a place at Maritime Academy, but have not been successful, you can ask to go on the waiting list. To be put on the waiting list, complete the waiting list request form and return it to

If you applied to Maritime Academy and were unsuccessful, you can appeal the decision.  To make an appeal, complete the appeal request form and return it by email to

Details about how to appeal will be made available by national offer day and will be included in your application outcome email/letter..


Transport and Travel


What are the transport arrangements to Lower Stoke?

We will be providing free transport from three central locations in Strood. These will be dedicated buses for Maritime students only that will safely transport our students to Lower Stoke in the morning and will drop the students back to the pick-up points at the end of the school day. Please read our transport page for more information.  Transport · Maritime Academy


Will the transport to Lower Stoke be free?

The transport will be free to all students from the three central Strood pick–up points. As with any secondary transport, parents are strongly advised to discuss contingency plans with your child should they miss the dedicated school bus.


Where will the bus pick up and drop off my child?

Buses will collect students from Strood and drop them off at the school site in Lower Stoke. The three pick-up points will be determined by the postcodes of the students who accept our school offers – these will be confirmed once the Medway Transport and Admissions Team have assessed where the best possible locations for these are, considering existing bus routes and the children’s safety.


Can I drop my child off at school directly?

There is limited on street parking and there are no ‘official’ designated waiting areas. To respect the residents of Lower Stoke, whilst we are in our temporary home and to reduce our carbon emissions as a sustainable school, we would encourage students to use the free bus service provided. However, the school will operate a breakfast club from 7.45 for parents who wish to drop their child at school early in the morning.


Is there parent parking on the school site?

There is no parent parking on the school site and limited on street parking. There is a bus layby at the front of the school to ensure that our students can disembark the buses safely – unfortunately this cannot be used as a drop-off point for cars.

Temporary Site at Stoke


When are you starting the school build and when will it be complete?

Construction of the main school site will begin in Spring 2022. We expect the school to be completed by September 2023. We will keep parents updated on the progress of the build and look forward to working with our first cohort of children to ensure the school is ready for our next group of students in September 2023.


Will the temporary site renovations be completed in time?

The temporary site is a former school therefore the school will be ready for September 2022. We have worked with architects to design the site to ensure it meets our criteria for offering a secondary education as well as the ethos of our school of making excellence a habit.


Is there a playground at the temporary school site?

Yes. There is a large playground at the back of the building with interrupted views over the local farmland. There is also a large playing field and sheltered area which will be more than sufficient for our first cohort of children, for both leisure and sporting activities.


Is there a canteen at the temporary site?

Yes. We will have a canteen on site, serving freshly prepared meals each day – please visit our Healthy Eating page for more information of our commitment to sustainability.


Will there be sports facilities and changing rooms?

There is a playground already marked out with sports courts such as netball and the field provides us with the opportunity to participate in other sports such as football and rugby. We have created two sets of changing rooms for the students as part of our renovations to transform the school into a secondary provision. These will be available for all sporting activities on site.


Will there be a student services area?

We have created a student services area that includes the SENDCo office, intervention rooms and other support areas. The Designated Safeguarding Lead, the SENDCo and the teaching assistants will support the students in this area of the school when needed or to deliver bespoke support and interventions.


Will there be a library at the temporary site?

Reading is a core area of the school. Being able to read opens the wider world to students and makes learning new information easier. Therefore, one of our priorities is to establish a library that provides the students with a rich and varied number of books to choose from. The library will be open to students during lunchtime for independent reading or self-study.


Will the temporary site be able to ensure the delivery of the curriculum?

As you are aware, Maritime is a highly academic ambitious school to ensure that all students are able to make excellence a habit. We have therefore worked with the DfE to ensure we have the correct classrooms and teaching places to deliver our ambitious curriculum. This includes a large Art and Design space which takes advantage of the high ceilings and large windows in our temporary Victorian setting, science labs, music classrooms and a dedicated drama space.


Will there be an opportunity to view the Lower Stoke school setting?

We are keen to share our renovations with our community; therefore, we will update the build blog area of the website and notify all parents who have accepted the offer of our progress. We hope to be able to share more information regarding visits to the site in the Summer term.




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