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Primary to Secondary Transition

Primary to Secondary Transition

The transition from primary school to secondary school is one of the biggest changes our children will have experienced, however; it is also one of the most exciting!

As current Director of Education overseeing primary schools, as well as having been a primary School Head Teacher, Mrs Murphy is uniquely placed to be able to support the seamless move from primary to secondary, ensuring that we successfully build on children’s primary experience.

Student’s primary education is the essential foundation needed to support their ability to embark on a new and exciting journey into secondary education. We believe in a ‘through education model’ with a core understanding of children’s early learning in Reception classrooms right through to shaping them into young adults ready for the world of work, further study and University. At Maritime Academy, we value children’s primary school learning and aim to build on their success throughout Key Stage 3 and beyond.

Moving to secondary school provides children with plenty of exposure to new experiences, opportunities to learn and to try lots of interesting things, as well as develop the important social skills by making new friends and taking part in different activities.

This transition is made even more exciting by moving in to a brand new school, with amazing facilities. The earlier cohorts will also benefit from an abundance of space and by having no older students in the school, they will be pioneers throughout every step of their time at Maritime Academy.

During the transition process we work with our local primary schools to prepare our children for their move to secondary education. We aim to provide them with resources, visits and a transition day to make that leap as easy as possible.

We know that this process can be equally as daunting for parents and would therefore encourage you to actively engage with the transition process as much as possible.