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National Offer Day

National Offer Day

I’ve received an offer for Maritime Academy – what happens now?


The first thing you need to do is accept your offer. You can do this by downloading the Maritime Academy acceptance/refusal form, completing and returning it to

If your application was successful, you may have received 2 offers: one from the Maritime Academy and the other from the co-ordinated admissions programme. You must accept one offer and refuse the other.

Once you have refused a school place, it will be offered to another applicant. You will not be able to accept this school place in future.

Once we receive your acceptance form through the Keep an eye on the post as you will be receiving an exciting letter coming from us soon. We will also be getting in touch in the coming months to invite you to our Induction Day, where your child will have the chance to meet their classmates and get a real taste for Maritime life.

We will add your email to our mailing list and share regular updates from our architect regarding our new school building, and information on our temporary site, including travel arrangements. Being part of a brand new school means that our first cohort can help us make decisions on areas of school life such as the books we want in our library, so we will also be reaching out to our families to gather your views.

Below, you will find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions regarding National Offer Day and starting Maritime Academy. If you have any concerns or queries that are not addressed here, you can get in touch at


School Offer


I have been offered a place at both the Maritime Academy and another school – what do I need to do now?

As this was the Maritime Academy’s first year, parents were unable to list the Maritime as their first choice and parents were encouraged to apply for another school. You must now decide which school place you are going to accept and which school place you are going to refuse, this needs to be completed by the 30th March at the very latest.


Do I have to accept or refuse a place?

It is important that you formally accept or refuse the school place offered to you as soon as possible. Any places that are refused are offered to other families who wanted to attend that school, but were not initially offered a place. This is called reallocation. Please follow the guidance given to you in your offer email/letter.


Can I accept both offers if I haven’t made up my mind?

You will need to accept one place and refuse the other. This means that the space that is available at another school will be offered to another family once your refused spaces becomes available. You are not able to accept both places. If you refuse a space and then change your mind, you will need to contact Medway Admissions team and ask to be placed on a waiting list.


How do I accept or refuse the offer?

Please complete the acceptance form and email it to  We will formally acknowledge your acceptance and inform the local authority of your acceptance.


What happens once I have accepted the offer?

Once you have accepted a place at Maritime Academy, we will formally write to you and provide information on initial next steps. We will of course write to all parents regularly to keep you informed of the on-going building work and arrangements for induction to our new school.


I want my child to attend the Maritime, but I did not receive an offer – what do I do now?

Medway Council have applied our oversubscription criteria to determine the places offered to families. If you haven’t been offered a place it is because other applications ranked higher against the oversubscription criteria.


Can I appeal the decision or go onto a waiting a list?

If you have applied for a place at Maritime Academy, but have not been successful, you can ask to go on the waiting list. To be put on the waiting list, complete the waiting list request form and return it to

If you applied to Maritime Academy and were unsuccessful, you can appeal the decision. To make an appeal, complete the appeal request form and return it by email to

Details about how to appeal will be made available by national offer day and will be included in your application outcome email/letter.