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Welcome From Our Principal

Welcome From Our Principal


“This is Maritime Academy! A brand-new secondary school hoping to open in 2022, and the newest member of Thinking Schools Academy Trust. Our school will be one that will welcome, support and empower students, while we deliver a rich education and lifelong learning experience; preparing them for their life beyond school. We will be an inclusive and safe environment for all students, a place where they can grow as individuals with a wealth of opportunities to develop their skills while part of the Maritime Academy team.

Our new Academy will be in Strood, an area I am very familiar with, having been the Director of Education overseeing Trust primary schools;  Gordon Children’s Academy, Cedar Children’s Academy and All Faiths Children’s Academy. There will be some pupils from these schools who I look forward to seeing again, as they start their journey into secondary education. I am also excited to meet new pupils as we look to transform life chances for all.

At Maritime Academy it is our intention to achieve Thinking accreditation from the University of Exeter and our curriculum will reflect this through its cognitive framework designed to shape the attitudes, habits and mind-set of all our students to develop them into inquisitive, self-confident and creative young adults.

All students will be expected to be punctual, polite and respectful to each other, and members of staff, and to start each day with a positive attitude – ready to learn. The same standards will be held to my staff and I look forward to overseeing a diligent, hard-working and enthusiastic team to keep our students passionate about learning.

I thank you for your time and interest in our Academy and look forward to working in partnership and support of one another in our mission to cultivate excellence from every student.”

Jody Murphy | Principal