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Ethos and Values

Ethos and Values

Child First

At Maritime Academy, we seek to provide an enriching education to help develop children into confident and independent young people. At the heart of everything we do, is a dedication towards Children first. Every decision we make, from the curriculum we teach, to the staff we employ, is entirely focused on outcome that will best serve our students whilst at our school.

Transforming Life Chances

A mission shared amongst all Thinking Schools, Maritime Academy is firmly dedicated to transforming life chances for every student. Opportunities are a right, not a privilege and we want all our students to feel they have the support behind them to aspire to be their very best selves and be taught the right skills to help them achieve this.

Thinking School

Maritime Academy will open with the aim to achieve accreditation as an Advanced Thinking School. To do this, our curriculum will seamlessly integrate De Bono’s thinking tools to enrich student’s learnings through a ‘thinking toolkit’ that will support their ability to think both critically and creatively.

Learning is not an experience which can be diluted to a simple ‘yes/no’, it is a deep and fluid process. As such, for our students it is more than just “What is the right answer?” but instead “Why is this the answer?”, “How can I approach this differently?”, “What are the reasons for this?”. From their very first lesson to their last, students of the Maritime Academy will be challenged to be inquisitive in their learning and lateral in their thinking.

Sixth Form

Providing a wealth of opportunities is essential to enable students to become masters of their own destiny. As such, Maritime Academy will be offering a Sixth Form education to those students who are willing to further challenge themselves academically through the pursuit of A-level qualifications. Maritime Academy will wholly support this and offer such an opportunity in a school environment they are comfortable and familiar with. Maritime Academy will open to prospective Sixth form students from September 2027.

Eco-learning Environment

Maritime Academy is proud to be a flagship for an exciting new initiative by the Department for Education for sustainable learning. We understand and agree with the rising consideration for the impact we have on our planet and an eco-friendly building with minimal emissions is our way to support this.

Our pledge to sustainable learning will not be to the expense of the quality of facilities we provide. Maritime Academy will be a modern building and students will have full access to range of exemplary provisions across all subjects including artificial pitches and a dedicated sports hall.