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Ethos and Values

Ethos and Values

At the heart of Thinking Schools Academy Trust is the belief that the work that we do must transform the life chances of students.

We believe that the best way to transform life chances is to actively shape the minds, attitudes and habits of young people through a framework of cognitive education that enables them to become the master of their own destiny.

This framework of cognitive education is constructed through the use of the Thinking School approach. Research from organisations such as the Sutton Trust has repeatedly demonstrated that when children understand how their brains work they achieve better academic and personal outcomes than those who do not. This is known as meta-cognition.

The Maritime Academy is proud to be part of the TSAT family. We embrace a cognitive approach to education and our ethos values are aligned with that of the wider Trust family and our commitment to transform life chances is evident in everything that we do.

Making Excellence a Habit

To truly transform life chances, we need to transform people: developing effective habits that will support our students to achieve success both within the Academy and beyond. Our expectation is that students will strive for excellence in academic performance and work hard to be the best member of our school community that they can be.

We will:

  • Identify and teach effective habits
  • Support our students to be reflective and to ‘transform’
  • Identify obstacles and support students to overcome them
  • Use a range of thinking tools to support the organisation of thinking and learning
  • Expect support from all members of the school community, including families and Governors
  • Recognise and reward excellent habits

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These core values will enable staff and students to stay focused and achieve incredible things.

Our aim is to provide opportunities in order to change lives. We provide excellent teaching, thinking and learning to ensure that all students flourish and fulfil their potential, thus opening doors to their future. Within our academy community we will promote the values of strength, pride and unity, which are at the heart of everything we do. We want our students to leave us prepared for adulthood with these values instilled within them. Our students will be resourceful, respectful, resilient, excellent members of the community and will learn from the best.