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As a school we have worked with Medway Council to provide free transport to our temporary school site located in lower Stoke.

We are pleased to announce that there will be three designated school buses that are for the exclusive use of Maritime students only. These buses will pick up students from three central pick-up points within Strood and transport the students straight to Lower Stoke.

Our buses will arrive to the pickup points at 7.45 and depart sharply at 8.00 to ensure that students arrive at the Academy on time and ready for learning.

The bus service is free to parents from the pick-up points, however parents have a responsibility to support their child to arrive at the pick-up point in time.

Parents are strongly encouraged to discuss contingency plans with their child should they miss the bus to ensure that they are able to travel to school and arrive as quickly as possible.


Code of Conduct

Maritime Academy expects students to display the same high standards of behaviour we have come to expect in school, when using the school transport. This applies for the Free School Bus service and any other transport provided to students for trips and sports events.

In the unsupervised environment of the Free School Bus, it is possible that standards of behaviour can deteriorate, which is not acceptable.

This policy outlines the expected standards of behaviour, via a Code of Conduct and provides the possible sanctions for breaking these standards.