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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

Where will Maritime Academy be located?

The planned site for our school will be  Manor farm, Frindsbury.

What makes Maritime Academy a unique, first choice for children in our local community?

Maritime Academy will be a fantastic opportunity for the Strood community. Children who receive an education from our locally based Thinking Schools Academy Trust schools will have a seamless transition into secondary school, with a principle they are familiar with as well as the same expectations for attitudes and behaviour they have become accustomed to. It is an equally exciting proposition for those students who have not yet experienced a Thinking Schools Academy Trust education by enlightening them to an exciting, and engaging curriculum that we strongly believe will help develop them into critical thinkers and lifelong learners, brimming with self-confidence and an excellent array of skills.

Beyond the curriculum, we offer a plethora of extra-curricular opportunities through our state-of-the-art facilities, to provide the chance for every student to pursue that which falls outside of their important studies. Whether it’s sports, art, or design tech, Maritime Academy will help every student pursue their passions.

Can my child join if they have not been part of a Thinking Schools Academy Trust school before?

Absolutely. Maritime Academy is open for admissions to all students, regardless of which primary school they attend.

When does the admissions application process open?

With a planned opening date set for 2022, we will begin the admission process soon. To make sure you are notified, be sure to sign up to receive text and email alerts. SIGN UP.

Is there a specific catchment area?

We do not have a rigid catchment area and are inclined to offer a place in our school to as many children as we can, however; we would expect most of our students to be applying from the Strood and Medway area.

Is the school only opening to year 7?

Yes. Maritime Academy will open with just year 7 students. In the future, transfer students will be able to join our Academy in later years through the usual processes.

What happens if you are oversubscribed/undersubscribed?

In the event we are oversubscribed, as part of Thinking Schools Academy Trust priority will be given to students applying to join from other schools partnered with the trust.

If undersubscribed; the school will open as usual.

Will pupils have access to the building outside of school hours?

Yes. Public spaces such as the library, allocated classrooms and sporting facilities will be available for students after school. Students will have to book the artificial pitches through the same means as the public should they wish to use them after school.

What transport options will there be for students?

There are plans to have dedicated bus services, more information on which will be provided closer to opening. Walk paths and cycle lanes will also be available.

Will there be a cafeteria serving food for my child? What sort of food will they offer?

Yes. There will be a cafeteria offering both hot and cold food for our students. We are delighted to be partnering with Chartwells, a well-recognised catering and food service, who have delivered an excellent service across partnered schools. Closer to opening, we will provide a full menu, to be shared on our website.

How will you communicate with parents and what support will you provide?

It is important for us at the Academy to ensure, right from the beginning, that parents feel they have a clear path of communication with the school and are regularly informed and kept up to date.

We will share regular newsletters, and keep our Twitter and Facebook social media platforms up to date with information and celebratory good news. In addition parents will have access to the MyEd app which we will use to post all the updates and important news for our parents to see.

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