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Meet Your Maritime

Meet Your Maritime

At Maritime Academy we will place ‘thinking’ at the heart of all that we do, we will actively encourage your child to find their voice and empower them to use it; in this we create respectful lifelong learners. With 900 spaces for secondary students and a further 250 for sixth form, Maritime Academy will be the transport to realising dreams and living their yearned-for life. 

Maritime Academy knows that your child is unique, and magnificent in their individuality and so too is their journey through education, a journey which our school pastoral care will make with them, supporting your child with their wellbeing and mental health. 

Another exciting aspect of being part of our Thinking Schools Academy Trust is the ‘we are one’ mind-set which supports and allows us to guide our students through life with a huge array or resources and information at our fingertips, shared between our family of schools, ensuring that you are updated regularly. Dedication to open communication with parents creates an equal partnership in educating our next generation.  

As Maritime Academy is still in the building phase, there really is still so much more to meet, see, understand and contribute to – and we are so excited for you to join us on this journey – watch this space! 

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