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The TSAT Governance Model is different to the way a governing body in a non-academy or traditional school undertakes governance.

Essentially, there are two elements to the governance of the TSAT academies – local governance which is delivered via the Interim Management Board (IMB) and Trust level governance delivered by the Board of Directors and its sub committees.

The Maritime Academy will open in September 2022 in a temporary location for one year. The Governance structure will  ensure oversight of academic performance, finances and leadership accountability in the pre-opening planning, throughout the time at the temporary location and in the permanent location from 2023/24. Governors will  meet more regularly than the standard governance structure for a TSAT school.

The Interim Management Board (IMB) for the Maritime Academy will meet 6 times an academic year.

The Interim Management Board has responsibilities laid out in its terms of reference which can be found at:

The Interim Management Board is made up of members of the Board of Directors, Strood Regional Governing Body, Community members, Director of Education for Strood and, two Parent Governors.

The Interim Management Board will report into the Trust Board of Directors who are the final decision-making body who sit above the IMB


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The Board of Directors

For information on the role of the Board of Directors, members and minutes please follow the link here:

Becoming a Governor

The role of a governor can be very rewarding, and volunteering within our schools will provide you with the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to your local community and the future of our young people.

Governors will sit on our Interim Management Board and work with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to ensure students are receiving the best education possible and that all resources are being used effectively to support this ambition. A strong governing body is made up of a group of people who will contribute various skills and experience, and who will commit to working together for the benefit of the Trust and the local communities in which we work.

Being a governor requires individuals to learn about schools and ways of working, and it is also about individuals bringing their skills and experience to contribute to an existing skillset. It is important that every governing body is made up of a group of people who understand their role and responsibilities, who are committed to gaining knowledge about the school and who will ask challenging questions to scrutinise leadership and decisions made within school. Governing bodies have key strategic responsibilities and these need to be explored within every meeting, without getting involved in the day to day operational activity within the school.

The IMB members are:

Careers, STEM & Digital Learning (Chair) Ashley Hall
Education Gareth Shadick
Premises, Health and Safety and Safeguarding Derek Morrison
Chair of TSAT Peter Martin
CEO Stuart Gardner
Director of Education Jody Murphy
Parent – Parental engagement, marketing & communications Vacant
Parent – Pupil Premium Vacant

The Trust CEO, Deputy CEO, Maritime Academy Head of School and Maritime Academy Executive Business Manager will also be in attendance at IMB meetings.

If you are interested in discussing our governor vacancies further, please email to register your interest.

We will then get in touch to arrange a further conversation.