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Maritime Academy is excited to announce the launch of its one:one devices

Maritime Academy is excited to announce the launch of its one:one devices

For the past few years, our Trust, The Thinking Schools Academy Trust, has been researching the use of technology to improve children’s learning and experience of school; including visiting schools around the country to see what a difference it can make when every child has access to a laptop or tablet for learning.

Last September, one of TSAT’s schools, The Portsmouth Academy, introduced 196 HP360 devices (which are a combination of a laptop and tablet). This trial has gone extremely well; Science, PE, Geography and English teachers have all reported significant benefits for students.

Following this successful trial they are now moving to a full transformation to become a 1:1 environment – meaning that every child will have their own device to use in class and at home – starting this journey with their new Year 7 2021 intake.

From day one of year 7, students at the Maritime Academy will all receive a free one:one device so that they can benefit from a curriculum that has been developed with digital learning at its core.

The Maritime will be the second school in our trust to introduce a one:one scheme.

This is an exciting time to be a Maritime Academy student and I hope you agree that one:one devices will have a transformative effect on your child’s personal and academic success.

We are pleased to offer all students joining the Maritime Academy in September 2022 a free one:one device they can use to support learning both in school and at home. For more information about this offer please attend one of our open days or contact

If you would like to know more about the one:one scheme at the Maritime please click here.