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Maritime Academy Unveiled

Maritime Academy Unveiled

We are excited to announce that Thinking Schools Academy Trust is opening a modern and innovative new-build secondary school; Maritime Academy, and doors will open in September 2022.

This investment is a huge vote of confidence in Thinking Schools Academy Trust, which already has three secondary schools in Medway, proving its ability to consistently deliver a top standard education for our local community.

The Maritime Academy is a fantastic opportunity for the Strood community. Children who received an education from our locally based schools will have a seamless transition into Secondary School, with a Principle they are familiar with as well as the same expectations for attitudes and behaviour they have become accustomed to. It is an equally exciting proposition for those students who have not experienced a Thinking Schools education yet by enlightening them to an exciting and engaging curriculum that encourages a critical approach to thinking.

With an intake of 180 students per year and a 250 student sixth form, Maritime Academy will deliver the highest quality education. The school is designed to a set of principles that will create an environmentally sustainable place to learn, with a calm and sophisticated environment – we believe it’s an exciting opportunity for our children to be pioneers as the first year’s official cohort.

We are excited to be sharing with the public how the school develops from an architect drawing, through to the first shovel in the ground, from its innovative strategy on environmental sustainability, a sneak peek at the new uniform right through to the grand opening and when our students start their very first day of this new exciting chapter in their lives’ as well as the community’s.

The school will boast a range of specialist facilities including a gym, multi-use games area, three outdoor pitches, high-spec classrooms and the latest science and technology rooms. The sports facilities, gym and hall spaces will also be available for community use.

We will also be working with other Thinking Schools, Holcombe and Rochester Grammar, to provide a curriculum pathway for our Strood children who wish to pursue a grammar school education. This will form part of our wider curriculum pathways that will ensure an excellent education for all children.